Klur Founder Lesley Thornton On Why Effective Skincare Needs To Be Holistic

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Often when we think of beauty routines, we simply think of products we apply to our skin. In reality, skin health is dependent on much more than the right topical cream — it’s rooted in the overall health of our bodies. Holistic esthetician and KLUR founder Lesley Thornton understands this health and beauty connection and takes a holistic approach rooted in science to design the products offered by her company. The result is a clean skincare line that’s sustainably and ethically produced with a flair for creative ingredients that goes beyond the typical list found in most mainstream products. KLUR’s skincare offerings are simultaneously luxurious and practical — encouraging self-care at the deepest level. Here’s what Thornton shared about why effective skincare should be holistic and how KLUR helps to achieve this goal.

Olivia O’Bryon: What is holistic skincare and why is it important?

Lesley Thornton: To treat your skin holistically means to take a purposeful multidimensional approach to your lifestyle, activities, and habits that supports skin health internally and externally. It goes beyond treating skin symptoms with isolated skincare products, as it helps get to the true cause of skin challenges which in many cases are tied to systemic imbalances. In a modern world, it’s extremely important to adopt a lifestyle structure that supports our entire physical well-being, not just one part of our lives or body parts. There is beauty in our wholeness and that makes us feel more complete.

OO: When establishing a truly holistic skincare routine what should be included?

LT: Establishing a holistic routine isn't just to beautify your skin, it should effectively enhance your overall mental and physical health. These steps also help bolster your immune system, increase energy levels, and improve your mind-body connection, thus promoting optimal well-being:

Skincare products: Build a well-considered, supportive skincare routine based on your specific needs. Overall, products should be gentle and respect the skin barrier — no matter your skin type and concerns.

Diet: Eat to promote good gut health. Your diet and gut health directly impact skin inflammation, moisturization, and resilience.

Move your body: When your heart rate increases your blood vessels begin to expand and carry more blood — with oxygen and nutrients — to your skin. Exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.

Get good sleep: The effects of poor sleep are quick to show up on your skin. Melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH) are your skin’s greatest natural allies during sleep. Both rise while we sleep and their elevation is crucial for optimal skin repair.

De-stress: Managing stress and anxiety is essential to healthy skin, as an unbalanced nervous system directly impacts barrier function, increases the rate of aging, and slows healing.

OO: How has your knowledge of holistic skin care informed KLUR's products?

LT: Using research from my years of training, I developed a holistic formulation process that is based on optimal skin compatibility. Every formula starts with this comprehensive and inclusive framework, which is structured on human skin commonalities. My entire process focuses on meeting the necessary requirements to achieve healthy skin with great consideration to all skin types, ethnicities, and conditions with a focus on multi-tasking formulas that deliver long-lasting results. My goal with every formula is to create the best and most consistent product experience possible. I have no interest in the latest or greatest ingredient trends. From day one I have prioritized botanical ingredients, especially ones with strong skin compatibility, that promote skin health, and are accessible and readily available. Because of my background, I’m very passionate about high-performing products, which means my process must be equally creative as it is data-driven.

OO: Which KLUR product are you most excited about right now?

LT: I’m still very excited for Sculpture+A which we launched this past spring — it's our first well-aging treatment housed in a cream. After years of formulating skincare products, I’ve never been more excited to introduce a product to our collection. There was so much research that went into this formula and a significant portion of the botanical ingredients are backed by clinical data which is extremely important to my formulating process. I think consumers truly appreciate the commitment we have to skin health and science-led formulas.

OO: How is KLUR helping to lead the way in holistic beauty?

LT: When I began building Klur there were no professional skincare brands that integrated holism into beauty, and for the most part, the beauty landscape has been reductionist; solely based on individual product launches and how they may improve the way we look. Taking a holistic approach to one's beauty offers a depth that hasn't been seen in the mainstream market, but has been long practiced by estheticians and beauty practitioners.

At Klur we believe that beauty is much more than a product, and our real power lies in our daily routines. When we align our lifestyles to holistic protocols and view our skin as an organ and communicator connected to billions of nerves; it becomes an extension of our whole health. My goal is not only to put beautiful things out into the world but to guide our community to a new way of thinking about the interconnections of beauty, the planet, and optimal well-being. The tools of holistic beauty have the power to re-shape our lives and the potential to reset the relationship to the mind-body connection.

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